Direct Heat Stencils for ATI graphics Video card IC chips 45pcs

Direct Heat Stencils for ATI graphics Video card IC chips 45pcs

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Direct Heat Stencils for ATI graphics Video card IC chips 45pcs
Direct Heat Stencils for ATI graphics Video card IC chips 45pcs list : 1. ATI 1100//1150//AMD/216 MQA6 AVA12 FG/216 MSA4 ALA12 FG 2. ATI 21514//M64-M 216 PVAVA12 FG 3. ATI 21515//216-0707011//M72-S//M82-S A11 4. ATI 215-0669065 5. ATI 215-0708003//215-0308003 6. ATI 215-0719090//216-0728014 7. ATI 215-0758000 8. ATI 215-0735003 9. ATI 216-0728018/ Universal ATI 216-0708020 10. ATI 218-0697010/218-0697014/218-0792001 11. ATI 700 M//ATI200 M//RC415 MD//RC415 M 12. ATI RS800 ME//RS600 ME 13. ATI IXP600//SB600(XP600) 14. ATI SB700/RD700/RD780/215-0752007 15. ATI IXP460 16. ATI E350 17. ATI X1300-216 PQAKA13 FG 18. ATI M64-M 19. ATI AMD-CPU 20. ATI RS485 M 0.5 21. ATI 215-0807018 22. ATI 215-0718020 23. ATI 215 RGMDKA13 FG 24. ATI 218 BAPAGA12 F 25. ATI 200 M//RS480 M//216 MPA4 AKA22 26. ATI 7500 M7/9000-CSP32 216 QTCGBGA13 27. ATI 9000 64 M//M9-CSP64//216 T9 NGBGA13 FHG 28. ATI 9000 IGP 29. ATI 9100 IGP 30. ATI 9200//9600//9700//X300//X600 31. ATI 9600-T2 32. ATI M6-C16(K6-C16) 33. ATI IXP400//IXP450 34. ATI X1600/X1650/RV516//X1300//X700 35. ATI X1800 36. ATI R360 37. ATI RC410 MB//AT1200 M Universal 38. ATI R480(215 RBHAGA11//215 RBPAGA11 FF) 39. ATI 216-PSZBFA22 H 320 M/330 M 40. ATI AMD SOKET SI CPU(SOKET SI CPU) 41. ATI IXP150 42. ATI 941 43. ATI M1535+ 44. ATI AM2 45. ATI AM3 Item pictures
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ATI graphics videokaart IC kiibid

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