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The Skeptic's Annotated Bible: Corrected and Explained
The Skeptic's Annotated Bible: Corrected and Explained


Free Resources

"The Skeptic's Annotated Bible: Corrected and Explained" has thousands of answers to tough questions from all 66 books of the Bible. 

But . . you also get the following resources for FREE!

* FREE: Over 450 awesome pictures from Israel!

* FREE: The Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible and the Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionary!

* FREE: The entire KJV Bible with Strong's numbers!  The Bible is linked to the Strong's resources, so you can easily check the Greek and Hebrew for any word in the Bible!

* FREE: The Easton's Bible Dictionary, Matthew Henry's Exhaustive Commentary, Nave's Topical Index and Torrey's Topical Index!

* FREE: Palm Pilot and Pocket PC editions included!

* FREE: The gospel message in audio and text formats!

* FREE: Upgrade downloads!

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